Numéro 12 (1980))


par Kathy Acker

1) With my mind. Then, behind that. Therefore, with everything. Sometimes, I go the other way. 1 want everything that is most surface : all my moods, every feeling, every sensuality. There’s no différence belween the world and what’s in the writing se thé act of writing disappears.

These two ways are the same.

2) Interest. My main interest is that which can the most split open my thoughts. Then I drop down, as if into a hole, into personal tastes, drama. I call this SENTIMENTALITY. I love entertainment that keeps me interested like James Bond movies, only James Bond movies don’t keep me interested (or most porn novels) on second and third viewings. l’m trying to be as happy as possible.

4) These past three years – that’s when I remember noticing this – it seems that when 1 write fiction, and the lengthier and more involved the fiction the more this is true, during and after espeeially after I’ve vritten the fiction I become the fiction and the fiction becomes true.